Asrar Rahman – Treasurer at InfraBuild (GFG Alliance) | Episode 68

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On the podcast today I am chatting with Asrar Rahman.

Asrar is the Treasurer at GFG Alliance. Asrar has had a very interesting career working with a few large blue chip companies including Woolworths.

My chat with Asrar was very interesting and I enjoying chatting with him and learning about how he see’s treasury and his insight into the department.

On the episode:

  • I ask Asrar how and why he came to be in the Treasury department.
  • Asrar talks about how his career in treasury gave him the opportunity to move from Adelaide.
  • Asrar talks about his biggest achievements and highlights of his career.
  • Asrar talks about how he was nominated for corporate treasurer of the year and how it made him feel.
  • We talk about how mentoring and helping the younger generation of treasurers and how it helps shape our own careers.
  • I ask Asrar about the differences in the treasury department across the different industries.
  • Asrar talks about the differences and how there are challenges based on the size of the companies and whether they are private or public.
  • Asrar talks about his enjoyment in the industry and how he advices others to test the waters in other industries if they want a change.
  • We talk about the vortex of the industry and how at times people will pigeonhole themselves and not look for changes.
  • I ask Asrar what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • I ask Asrar if mentors played a role in the success of his career.
  • Asrar gives his advice around networking and what he would suggest to the younger generation.
  • I ask Asrar how he thinks the treasury role will change in the coming years with the introduction of technology.

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