Ben Nolan – Head of Treasury and Financial Control at Pacific National | Episode 54

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Today on the podcast I am chatting with Ben Nolan at Pacific National.

Ben is not only in the treasury department but he is also on control of part of the finance department as well.

Ben has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and I am grateful for him sharing it with us today.

On the episode:

  • I ask Ben to give us a run down of his career and how he came to the treasury department.
  • I ask Ben what drove him to treasury and what made him stay.
  • Ben talks us through his current role and how it is both finance and treasury. 
  • Ben talks about Pacific National and the processes that they go through.
  • I ask Ben what the treasury team structure is like within the business.
  • I ask Ben what the current challenges are that the business is facing.
  • Ben talks about his major achievements throughout his career.
  • I ask Ben what his proudest moments are through out his treasury career.
  • I ask Ben what the major changes are in the treasury industry are that he has noticed over the past few years.
  • Ben talks about the major challenges he foresees for the treasury department in the coming years.
  • I ask Ben what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of a CFO.
  • I ask Ben what advise he would have for those coming up through the treasury department.

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