Bláthnaid Byrne – Group Treasurer at AGL Energy | Episode 31

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I got a chance to chat with Blathnaid Byrne recently about her career, the treasury industry and what she foresees in the future for the industry. 

Blathnaid started her treasury journey straight from University in Scotland in a multi-national company. 

Once she moved to Australia she worked within a number of different banks before going back into treasury roles. She has worked for a number of large companies and has learned many different skills within the treasury roles she has been involved in. 

Blathnaid is currently working for AGL and has been settled in the company for nine years now.

On the episode

  • Blathnaid gives a rundown of her career and the different businesses and roles she has worked for. 
  • I asked Blathnaid what made her go into treasury and what has kept her in the roles.
  • We talk about the path to treasury and how many people fall into the role. 
  • We talk about the differences in treasury within different countries and how some are more strategy based and others more transaction-based.
  • Blathnaid explains the way the treasury department works within AGL.
  • I asked Blathnaid the challenges that she has faced within her time at AGL.
  • Blathnaid gives her insight into the challenges and changes she seems coming in the future for AGL.
  • We talk about the processes and policies that are discussed when working with AGL and increasing it on priority lists. 
  • We talk about green bonds and equality bonds and whether they are on the radar of AGL
  • I asked about gender equality and diversity within the treasury industry within Australia.
  • We discuss flexibility within the industry and how working mothers can still be successful within the industry.
  • Blathnaid gives an insight into the challenges and changes that she foresees for the treasury industry in the coming 3-5 years.
  • I asked Blathnaid what she believes makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • Blathnaid gives her insight into the advice that she would give to people beginning their careers within the industry.
  • She discusses networking and being able to create external relationships as well.
  • I asked what Blathnaid looks for when she is recruiting a new member for her team.


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