Catherine Portman – Treasurer at Uber | Episode 36

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Today on the podcast I have the pleasure of chatting with Catherine Portman who has recently won the Adam Smith Award as female Treasurer of the Year. 

Catherine is currently the treasurer of Uber. Catherine and I spoke all things treasury and had a great time discussing different topics.

On the Episode:

  • I ask Catherine how she came to be in the treasury industry and how she got to where she is now. 
  • Catherine talks me through her working journey and the differences between different companies she has worked for. 
  • I ask Catherine about the honour of winning the Adam Smith Award.
  • I ask Catherine what she believes makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO
  • Catherine talks about the big picture and the importance of it when working in the industry.
  • Catherine explains what she looks for when she is hiring an employee for her team and the skills she wants to the employee to have.
  • I ask Catherine what advice she would give to the younger generation coming up through their treasury career. 
  • We talk about networking and the importance that there is around it throughout your career.
  • Catherine gives her tips and recommendations when it comes to networking. 
  • Catherine talks about mentors throughout her career and their importance.
  • We talk about diversity within the industry and the changes over the last few years. 
  • I ask Catherine how she thinks technology will affect the treasury role over the coming years and if there will be many changes because of it.

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