CFO Perspective Jawad Ahsan – CFO at Axon | Episode 160

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At age 29, Jawad Ahsan defined his North Star: he wanted to move up to the C-suite. A year later, he became a divisional CFO at GE Healthcare, and was soon promoted to be a GE executive. By age 34, he was the CFO of a private-equity backed SaaS company, and by age 37, became the CFO of a publicly traded company, Axon. As CFO, Jawad is responsible for leading the company’s global finance, corporate strategy, legal and IT organizations, as well as Axon’s consumer-facing business. During his tenure, Axon’s market cap has increased from $1 billion to over $6 billion.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The keys things Jawad look for in his direct reports when hiring
  • How is the role of treasurer changing in the future
  • “Surround yourself with quality people that will take you further than you think”
  • “Anyone can be a leader but don’t assume that you’re in a leadership position that you are a leader”
  • Hiring people you trust
  • Defining your northstar

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