Daniel Baird – Head of the Treasury Department at Melbourne University | Episode 23

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Today we speak with Daniel Baird who is the Head of the Treasury Department at Melbourne University.

Daniel has been in the Treasury and accounting industries for over 15 years and has been with the University for the past 3.5 years.

Daniel spent over 13 years within the energy sector where he gained many skills and furthered his career within the treasury sector. 

Daniel takes us through the University, its balance sheet and the way in which it works at a corporation. The University of Melbourne is a for-purpose company which means there has been a lot of learnings and changes in ways that he does things.

In this episode

  • Daniel talks about what it is like working for the University and how he has grown in the position
  • We talk about the diversity within the University in both the staff and the way that things are done.
  • Daniel walks us through the different aspects of the treasury department within the University and helps us to understand that it is quite a large organisation with a large balance sheet. 
  • We talk about Daniels career to date and the different positions he has been in. 
  • Daniel recommends a career break for everyone throughout their career.
  • We talk about the challenges that Daniel sees for the University in the coming years.
  • We also talk about the challenges that Daniel sees for the Treasury sector in the future.
  • We discuss networking and mentorship and the importance of it throughout your career.
  • Daniel gives us an insight into what he looks for in a mentor and why he finds networking invaluable.
  • Daniel takes us through his greatest achievements throughout his career and the moments that have defined him.
  • We talk about the things Daniel looks for when hiring for his team; including diversity, technical skills and people skills.
  • We talk about the major changes that the Treasury sector has gone through in the past few years and what may be to come.



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