Ernie Humphrey – CEO at Treasury Webinars | Episode 29

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Today I had the opportunity to speak with Ernie Humphrey. Ernie started his career in economics and from there moved across into the finance world. He began working within the treasury department and found that this was where he wanted to be. Across his career, he has gained experience across all aspects of the industry. 

Of late he has been working within the thought leadership field. 

We discuss Ernie’s career and how he has transitioned into the leadership space.

In this episode

  • Ernie discusses his career and what lead him to treasury.
  • We talk about the transition from treasury into thought leadership.
  • Ernie explains what his webinars entail and what is able to be learned from them.
  • He talks about the technology within the treasury industry and how he discusses this within his webinars.
  • I ask Ernie about his transition into using webinars and how he got into using them for business. 
  • Ernie explains how he has helped transform webinars from advertisements into experiences.
  • We talk about the areas that Ernie is targeting when creating his webinars.
  • We talk about the evolution of treasury and how Ernie thinks it will continue to evolve in the coming years.
  • Ernie talks about the importance of engaging and how helps treasurers to become more engaging. 
  • I ask Ernie what advice he would give treasurers about building relationships and engaging people. 
  • We talk about networking and how it can have a positive benefit for both you and the person you are networking with. 
  • We talk about mentors and how they help to pull you up to different opportunities. 
  • I ask Ernie his thoughts on technology within the treasury department and how he sees technology coming into the department more. 
  • We talk about the skill set for treasury and how it may start to change in the coming years. 
  • I ask Ernie what he would change if he was able to go back over his career and what advice he would give to those coming up in their career’s.
  • We talk about diversity and the changes that have come over the years of Ernie’s career.
  • Ernie talks about what a treasurer looks for when hiring for their team.


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