Geri Westphal – Founding Partner at LeanUp | Episode 25

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Today we speak with Geri Westphal who boasts a treasury career that spans over 30 years. 

Geri has worked for a number of large corporate treasury departments and is now working within LeanUp.

LeanUp is a peer to peer networking community set up for those in the treasury industry. The peer to peer groups allow members to interact with and meet other members who have been placed in the same group as them based on the type of treasury department they work in. 

Geri talks about the exciting changes for the industry, the impact LeanUp has had and the importance of mentorships and networking.

In this episode

  • Geri talks about what brought her to the treasury industry.
  • Geri tells us about her career and the different corporate businesses that she has worked within.
  • We talk about LeanUp and what is involved for those who sign up to it. 
  • We talk about the importance of a peer to peer community that you can network with and learn from.
  • Geri explains the benefits of LeanUp and how all involved are able to gain something from the meet ups. 
  • We talk about the importance of networking and building a community throughout your career.
  • We talk about the importance of mentorship throughout your career and what a good mentor can do for you.
  • Geri tells us how her mentors have helped build her throughout her career.
  • We talk about the challenges that look to be there for the treasury industry in the coming years. 
  • We discuss technology and how it may be integrated into treasury and how much of it will be taken over by technology.
  • Geri talks about her career and whether she regrets anything from over the years.
  • Geri offers up advice for those who are starting out in the treasury industry.
  • We ask Geri what she believes makes a successful Treasurer in the eyes of the CFO
  • We finish with advice and suggestions for those who are looking at moving into treasury.


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