Geri Westphal – Peer Group for Networking | Episode 132

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Today I’m joined by Geri Westphal and the rest of the Treasury Talent Team. We decided we wanted to chat about Peer Group Networking. Peer Group Networking is where you put in a group of people who are like-minded, you have something in common, the industry that you work in, or the level that you’re working within the treasury in order to really help around that networking. It’s a peer group where you can ask anything of anyone, the role is to help one another, develop your careers, and be better with what you do.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Highlights and things Geri has learned as a practitioner
  • Her approach to networking
  • The change from being a practitioner to Peer to Peer networking
  • Since taking an entrepreneurial leap what has he realized and learned along the way
  • What is Peer to Peer networking and how LeanUp will help the treasury folks
  • How to learn more about LeanUp and how to apply


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