Guy Saxelby & Sam MacPherson – Earlytrade | Episode 52

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On the podcast today I am honoured to be speaking with not one but two people.

Today we have both Guy Saxelby and Sam MacPherson chatting with us about their business, careers and experience.

They are from a new marketplace called Earlytrade and it has been created to help small businesses with their cashflow and helping businesses organise their cashflow issues.

It was great chatting with these two and receiving their insights and knowledge.

On the episode:

  • I ask Sam how he came to Treasury and why he chose to continue with the treasury department.
  • I ask Guy about his career and how he came to starting Earlytrade.
  • Guy talks us through the Earlytrade processes and how the business works for small businesses and their cashflow and getting invoices paid.
  • We talk about the ESG Benefits and how Earlytrade helps to drive good outcomes.
  • We talk about how Earlytrade is supplier lead and they only enter the marketplace when needed by them.
  • I ask what the biggest achievements of their careers have been.
  • I ask Sam what advise he would give to those who are starting out in the treasury department.
  • I ask what they look for when hiring for new members within their team.
  • We talk about the softer skills and the importance of having them when hiring.
  • I ask about mentors and whether they have played a part in their careers. 
  • We talk about networking and how it works within the business.

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