Looking to Hire? It’s Time to Pay up!

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It’s easy to ask an expert for advice. However, it’s not always easy to follow through on the advice you receive.

Once you seek guidance, do you listen to the experts?

Having worked in the same niche treasury market for more than 8 years, I know the trends in the industry most others don’t. I understand treasury careers & jobs. I understand what job seekers need to make their next career move because all I do 24/7 is talk to practitioners and help clients fill their roles.

So there are times I will laugh when people seek advice but don’t take it…

If you follow me, you’ll see that I provide a lot of guidance around treasury titles & salaries. As much as I bang the drum about how titles shouldn’t matter, many people still make career decisions based on the job title.

Similarly, money usually impacts someone’s decision. Most people expect a bump when they change. I don’t have an issue with that, particularly in the low-inflaton and cost-conscious world we live in.

So, why is it that clients continue to mess up offers and lose their future star performer by not taking counsel when it comes to salary and job titles? To attract the best talent for your opening, you need to “PAY UP!” That means you either need to pay better money or provide a better job title than what your top choice currently has. If you don’t have flexibility in those areas, you need to be flexible on the skillset you’re looking to hire. Hiring managers often think they can control the market, but the reality is the market controls the hiring. Treasury is niche and specialized. When it comes to moving good candidates, demand exceeds supply. As a hiring manager, you have a greater challenge in front of you than you might anticipate.

It’s starting to become very clear to me why some of these U.S. treasury jobs are open for 9+ months!

If it takes more than 4 weeks to fill a treasury job, you are doing something wrong. Likely, your salary and/or job title is the issue. Listen to my podcast (episode #28) to get a better understanding of titles and salaries in the major city markets: https://treasurytalent.com/simon-lynch-treasury-titles-salaries-episode-28/


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