Karen Kearney – Treasurer at Stanford University | Episode 189

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In this episode, Karen Kearney joins us to talk about her experience as Treasurer in one of the largest research and development universities in the world, Stanford University. We talk about her career, its highlights, best lessons, and so much more. 


In this episode we discuss: 

  •  The story of how Karen came to work in the field of Treasury. 
  • Karen shares highlights in her career. 
  • How the university works as a business. 
  • Her experience on her move from the UK to the US from a working perspective. 
  • Karen’s approach to networking throughout her journey. 
  • The role of mentors in her career. 
  • Best piece of advice she has learned. 
  • What she looks for in hiring team members. 
  • Characteristics that make a successful treasurer. 
  • The role of the treasurer as technology changes. 

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