Luke Davidson – CFO at ANZ Institutional Banking | Episode 32

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On the podcast today I have Luke Davidson, who is the CFO of ANZ banks Institutional bank. 

He has made the move from the treasury department of the ANZ bank before moving into his CFO role. 

He is able to give an insight into both worlds within the businesses. 

On the Episode:

  • I ask Luke about his career and how he has gotten to the CFO role that he is in now. 
  • He talks about the move to the institutional division within the bank and moving into the CFO role.
  • We talk about the changes from treasury to CFO roles.
  • Luke talks about the changes he felt he has faced with the change of position.
  • I ask Luke, as a CFO what he looks for when hiring staff to work on his team. 
  • We talk about how the softer skills are an important part of the hiring process when choosing staff. 
  • I ask Luke about whether his hiring criteria has changed from when he was in treasury to now as a CFO
  • We talk about the treasury department and whether Luke still has a treasury aspect within his new role.
  • I ask Luke what he believes makes a successful Treasurer in the eyes of a CFO.
  • Luke talks about how he thinks the role of the Treasurer will change in the future. 
  • We talk about the changes of the market and what it means for the Treasurer.

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