Marie Myers – CFO & Board Advisor | Episode 78

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Today on the podcast we welcome Marie Myers.

Marie is the CFO at Ui Path and has an advisory type role within the business.

She has had a long career in finance and is here to chat with us around the technology side of things and moving forward with technology in the industry.

On the Episode:

  • Marie looks for great people when she is hiring for her team. It involves finding someone who is able to bring innovation to the role and want to bring as much as they can to the role moving forward.
  • Subject matter expertise is what Marie feels brings the person to the interview, however the softer skills are what are looked at more once you make it to the interview stage. The softer skills are very important for Marie.
  • When it comes to hiring someone in the treasury department, Marie believes that the softer skills are very important and play a big part in choosing the right person for the role.
  • Technology is becoming a large part of the industries of treasury and finance and bringing digital to the industries is disrupting the industries at present but will be a good thing for them.
  • Marie sees a successful treasurer as a person who is able to bring everything to the table. Someone who has both the subject matter expertise and the softer skills and can adapt them into the role.
  • The use of technology within the treasury department will help to remove the mundane tasks, leaving the treasury staff to focus on the more technical skills.
  • The advice that Marie would give to the younger generation of treasurers is to get out there and give it all a try. She believes that it is important to take advantage of the different options and opportunities that are out there.

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