Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #3 | Episode 26

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On the podcast today we speak with Michael Braude and we discuss his economic forecast.

Michael is a regular on the podcast and we speak each month on the different things that are happening in the market and the impact that they may have on the treasury industry.

We discuss the changes in both the domestic and international markets since we spoke last and what it means moving forward. 

On the episode:

  • Michael gives us a run down on the changes that have happened surrounding bonds and the yield that they have had in the last month.
  • We discuss the rate cuts in the US and the impact that they will have on the employment and buying markets.
  • Michael talks about the aggressive outlook that has been taken on the rate cuts and whether they will be passed down in full. 
  • We discuss the increase in the equity markets and the changes.
  • We talk about the decrease in the US dollar and what it means for the other currencies. 
  • We go into detail about the different commodities and where they are sitting in the market. 
  • Michael explains the increase in the price of many metals including gold.
  • We talk about the agricultural market and the beef and lamb prices being at an all time high. 
  • Michael suggests to keep an eye on the bond market and where they are headed in the future.
  • Michael recommends keeping an eye on parliament once it resumes and see where they go with the tax cuts and interest rate cuts.

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