Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #7 | Episode 57

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Today on the podcast I have Michael Braude with his monthly economic forecast. 

There has been a fair bit of movement in the market recently and Michael fills us in on the changes and what it means moving forward.

On the Episode:

  • Michael talks us through the recent changes in the rates across the market. 
  • Michael mentions the increase in the US bond rates and how its also increasing the Australian rates. 
  • I ask Michael what the rate changes has meant for the FX and what is developing from it. 
  • Michael talks about the trade surplus and how it has continued since September. 
  • Michael talks about the US dollar and the position it is in and how it is effecting the economy. 
  • I ask Michael about the commodities side of things and what we should be looking out for. 
  • I ask Michael if there is anything treasurers should be aware of. 
  • Michael talks about the strong US dollar and the US equities.
  • Michael talks about the US and China trades and that it is something that should be watched.
  • Michael talks about the RBA and their optimistic look towards business growth

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