Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #8 | Episode 65

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Today we are greeted with Michael Braude with his latest economic forecast for treasurers.

Heading into Christmas and the New Year, Michael gives us his insights and suggestions.

On the Episode:

  • Michael talks about the latest GDP Data.
  • Michael talks about the drop in new dwelling rates. 
  • We talk about the RBA forecast for 2020 and Michaels concerns around their forecast.
  • Michael talks about the recent increase in home prices.
  • Michael talks about the Australian Dollar and the movements in it recently.
  • We talk about the trade surplus and the changes it has made to the Australia Dollar.
  • Michael talks about the foreign currency movements and what they mean.
  • Michael talks about the volatility in the FX markets.
  • I ask Michael about the bond markets and how they are travelling.
  • I ask Michael what things that treasurers need to look out for in 2020.

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