Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #9 | Episode 69

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Welcome to the first economic forecast of 2020.

Today I am chatting with Michael Braude and he is going to fill us in on the markets and the perspectives around them.

Michael talks about the markets over Christmas and what he forecasts moving forward.

On the episode:

  • Michael talks about the brief period where the AUD went up above 70c.
  • Michael fills us in on the changes in the market over the Christmas and New Year period.
  • Michael talks to us about the equity markets and the effect on them with the interests rates set to drop further.
  • I ask Michael about the recent bushfires and the impact that they might have on the economy and financial sectors.
  • Michael talks about the tourism and the export markets and how these will be effected by the recent bushfires.
  • I ask Michael his thoughts on whether the Coronavirus will have an effect on the markets.
  • We talk about the commodities and bonds and the movement in them over the Christmas period.
  • Michael talks about the interest rates around bonds and how they are currently sitting.
  • I ask Michael what treasurers should be looking out for in the coming months.
  • Michael talks about the May budget and how it should be watched for those in financial sectors.

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