Mike Christensen – President of the FTA | Episode 19

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On this episode of the podcast, I get to speak with Mike Christensen who is the President of the FTA.

Mike comes from a banking background and has since moved into the world of treasury and business consulting.

We discuss Mike’s career from starting as a backpacker through London and how he made the move from banking, through insurance and settling into treasury.

Mike explains the importance of networking in business and how it has helped him throughout his career.

In this episode

  • Mike talks about the big items that are on the agenda for the FTA
  • We discuss Mike’s biggest achievements as the President of the FTA
  • We talk about Mikes career and where he started
  • The change from banking to treasury
  • We ask Mike what drew him to treasury and how he thinks we can educate others to pick treasury as a first-choice career path
  • We talk about the stigma around treasury and why it is not a common choice for career path
  • Mike tells us about his standout moments of his career and his time at Dexus
  • He tells us how Christion from Stella Business Consultants was one of his mentors
  • We talk about the transition from Treasury to Business Consultant and the differences between the two
  • Mike talks about the setbacks he has had during his career and how they have helped him.
  • We talk about what Mike would change if he had his time over again and could do things differently
  • Mike offers his advice for the young workers that are coming into the Treasury world.
  • We talk about diversity and the steps that the FTA are taking to be more diverse within their team and at board level.
  • Mike explains the inclusions and programs in place to help bring females into the business and the Treasury departments
  • We finish with Mike telling us what he believes a successful Treasurer is and how it can be achieved.




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