Navodit Narain – CFO at Endeavour Energy | Episode 24

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Today we speak with Navodit Narain, CFO at Endeavour Energy who gives us his perspective on what makes a successful treasurer. 

Coming from an advisory investment banking background, he is now a hands on CFO involved with the treasury function and is interested in changes in the business and how that drives ratings and financing outcomes.  

Endeavour Energy was privatised 2 years ago with a large bridge loan stack which had to be dealt with quickly. While he was more deeply involved throughout this stage he has since been able to scale back his involvement relying more on his treasurer and team. 

The business has aligned commercial and treasury functions with a balanced financial structure and places high importance on understanding what is happening in the business at any point in time.

In this episode, Navodit and Simon discuss:

  • Why the treasury function has to embed itself in the business and what factors need to align to help make this happen. 
  • What he looks for in direct reports when hiring across all areas reporting to him. 
  • Overview of debts and maturity profile. 
  • Risks and challenges in the treasury function. 
  • The role of a treasurer and the importance of their understanding and their involvement and communication of that understanding. 
  • His thoughts on how technology today might change the role of a treasurer moving forward. 
  • Whats drives fundamental outcomes in relation to investors and lendors. 
  • The success of a treasurer and the value of technical capability balanced with softer relationship skills but also knowledge of the market. 
  • Areas where we need to invest more time and effort as treasury is a critical function. 


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