Nicholas Bijur – Treasurer at PG&E Corp | Episode 89

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Today we have Nick Bijur who’s had a 15 years of career with PG&E. We talk a lot around regulated utilities and capital hungry nature and how the toughest times in your career is often the most rewarding. I hope you enjoy this chat with Nick.

In this episode:

  • How did Nick come to treasury and what made him choose treasury as a career
  • Recommend for others trying to make the move from banking to corporate treasury 
  • Is the struggle about the cultural change or the work 
  • The most interesting things Nick learned in PG&E
  • Experience in dealing with bankruptcy – with challenges comes opportunities
  • Networking in Nick’s side
  • Nick’s mentors throughout the journey
  • Advice to the 25 year old self
  • What are the key things Nick look for when hiring into the treasury team
  • What makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CEO and CFO
  • How is the treasury role is changing in the next couples of years with the tech advancement (Nick’s perspective)

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