Nichole Krause – Treasurer of Zen Desk | Episode 34

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Today on the podcast I have Nichole Krause, the treasurer of Zen Desk. We had a great chat about Nichole’s experience in the recruiting industry and then moving into the treasury industry. 

I gained a great insight into the way Nichole works and how her experience has helped to grow and mould her career as it is today.

On the Episode:

  • We talk about Nichole’s career and how she ended up in the treasury department. 
  • Nichole details the experience she has gained and the different positions that she has worked in. 
  • Nichole talks about how her enthusiasm helped to gain her the treasury position she is now in. 
  • We talk about the mentorship that Nichole has received and how it helped with the position. 
  • I ask Nichole what she believes have been the most satisfying times throughout her career. 
  • We talk about Nichole’s time in recruiting and consulting and how the time helped her career.
  • I ask Nichole what advice would she give to the younger generation or what advice she would have liked to have heard when she was starting out her career. 
  • We talk about breaking your career down into segments. 
  • I ask Nichole about networking and how she thinks it plays a part in your career. 
  • We talk about relationships within business and how important they are. 
  • I ask Nichole what she believes makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • We talk about the recruiting process that Nichole goes through and what she looks for in potential employees during the hiring process. 
  • I ask Nichole about the changes in treasury and whether she believes it has changed since she started in the industry. 
  • We talk about technology and the changes that it has had within the treasury department. 
  • We talk about diversity and being a female in the industry and any advice Nichole might have for others.

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