Rayan Rafay – Business Partnering Special for AFP | Episode 137

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Today we have a special episode for you. The Treasury Talent has partnered with the Association of Finance Professionals around their education and we’re doing some podcasts around business partnering. Today I am joined by Rayan Rafay, the CFO of Fraction. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Building a mindset for success in a business partnership
  • The skills to develop to deliver successful partnerships
  • Rayan’s advice to someone trying to develop the skills
  • Getting the skills and do partnerships successfully when it’s virtual
  • Building a team as it relates to business partnership
  • Is partnership a challenge to the treasury?
  • The optimal size for a treasury team
  • Training and developing people to be more successful around business partnership
  • How can automation and technology support partnerships
  • What steps for young treasurer professional to become a more strategic partner

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