Relocating countries, why is the first role so hard to land?

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The explosion of global capitalism, involving the entire supply chain including financial services, means that it has never been more attractive to seek work overseas.


The pull for a given individual may be the desire to experience a different culture or the lack of opportunities at home. Whichever is the case, it is important to understand the difficulties you may face in landing the first opportunity and how much research is needed to place yourself in the position to make a success of the venture you are about to undertake.


Taking time and having patience will put you in the best possible position to make the most of the chances open to you and to find a job which best suits the skills you have to offer.




You may be starting from a good position if you already have work within an international firm. Many businesses want their staff to experience different opportunities and will actively encourage placement within the organisation. Requesting a transfer will show the company that you are keen to take on new challenges which will enhance your long-term value to the firm.


Much will depend on the reach of your employer in the global market and whether you are suitable for the openings which they have on offer. It is nonetheless a good starting point and will make you stand out as someone who is interested in seeking new skills and experiences.


It may be that your employer is unable to meet your requirements, but a good HR department or the recruitment agencies with which they work, may be able to offer opportunities further afield through a parent company which you may wish to explore further.


Telecommuting could also be an option. This will enable you to have a presence in the offices of the company in countries which you have chosen as a potential destination. Most larger organisations will have a specific policy on this way of working, and it could be the first step to achieving your aims.


New role


If you are ambitious enough, you may want to look at your employer’s competitors who may have offices in the countries you are seeking to explore, especially if you are creating a name for yourself in your speciality.


Just as when you were working to launch your career, being able to show a strong track record will help in these circumstances. A first position overseas is not unlike your first professional position; it will be difficult to make yourself stand out from the competition.

If you are committed to seeking employment overseas and do not have the advantage of working with a firm which has a global presence, an international recruitment agency should be your first point of call. There will be many options with recruiters that specialise in your profession.


They will be able to help not only with opportunities but the nuts and bolts associated with moving overseas for work. These include contract negotiations and the all-important visa requirements for the countries to which you are thinking of relocating. Don’t underestimate the red tape you may encounter which can affect your chances of getting that first position.


The likelihood of getting that post will be enhanced if you look at head-hunters in your field of expertise and explain to them why you are looking to relocate and why you are interested in the countries they cover.


Many of these agencies will be available online and this will be your first port of call to see how they may be able to match your skills to an employer.


Recruiters will also be able to advise as to the suitability of your professional qualifications. Different countries may have requirements not met by your host nation and professional bodies. Getting advice on examinations you may need to take in order to progress your career is crucial and will help you to make yourself more attractive to employers if those qualifications are transferable.


Just as friends will ask why you are planning a move, so will recruitment agencies and potential employers. Some time in the sun will not cut it; you must ensure you emphasise that you are looking to enhance your career prospects and seek new challenges.

Employers are similarly keen to know why you are relocating and why they should choose you over a candidate who is already established in the same city or country.


Ultimately, seeking professional recruitment advice is key to getting that first position.



Simon Lynch is the owner of Treasury Talent.

Treasury Talent is a specialist treasury talent provider solely focused on the treasury market with offices in Sydney covering Australia, Singapore covering Asia, and San Francisco covering California and the USA. To make contact

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