Retro recording: Dane Birdseye | Episode 64

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Today on the podcast we have a podcast that I recorded back when I first started my original podcast. 

At the time of recording Dane was the Group Treasurer at Cochlear.

It was a very interesting interview and I am excited to share it on the Treasury Talent Podcast.

On the episode:

  • I ask Dane to give us an insight into his career.
  • I ask Dane what drew him to treasury.
  • Dane gives his advice for those moving into the consultancy side of treasury.
  • Dane talks about how he moved from a back office position to a front office position.
  • I ask Dane about his current role and the Cochlear business.
  • I ask Dane what the biggest challenges where when he moved into his current role.
  • Dane talks about his team and how it is set up and changes to the way the processes are set up.
  • We discuss cost saving within businesses and how it is important to the running of a successful department.
  • I ask Dane about the major changes he has seen in treasury over the past few years.
  • I ask Dane about changes he thinks will come over the next few years for treasury.
  • Dane gives his advice to those coming up through treasury.
  • We talk about networking and the importance of it when building your career.
  • Dane talks about managing staff in other countries and the difficulties.

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