Ryan Seghesio – CFO Perspective | Episode 59

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On the episode today I had the pleasure of chatting with Ryan Seghesio. Ryan is the CFO of the Californian ISO. Ryan has treasury experience when working with Oracle and is now settled in a CFO position. 

He comes with a CFO perspective and gives us his outlook on the treasury departments.

On the Episode:

  • I ask Ryan what he looks for when hiring his direct reports.
  • We talk about the different skills and how Ryan focuses more on the soft skills when hiring.
  • Ryan explains that it is easier to teach the technical skills over the soft skills.
  • Ryan talks us through the business and the debt and accounts side of things.
  • Ryan talks about the markets that the business takes part in and the procedures that they go through.
  • I ask Ryan about the treasury department within the business and their part they play.
  • Ryan talks about his role within the business and the part that he plays within the treasury department.
  • I ask Ryan what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • I ask Ryan how he sees the role of the treasurer changing in the future.
  • We discuss how technology is going to change the way that the treasury department will run in the future.

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