Simon Lynch Season 2 summary, expectations | Episode 67

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. 

It has been a great time off for me and I am excited to be going into my third year of podcasting with you all.

On the podcast today I talk about the new year and what you may expect moving forward with the podcast.

On the Episode:

  • I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
  • My excitement for the third year of podcasting continues.
  • I explain the downloads that we had during 2019 and the success that has been had.
  • I talk about the changes that took place with the rebranding and how it has helped the podcast.
  • I talk about what to expect in 2020 on the podcast and what you may expect to hear.
  • I confirm that we will be continuing the CFO perspective in 2020.
  • I talk about the new segment that will be introduced to the podcast this year.
  • I explain how and why I came up with the Treasury Talent podcast.
  • I talk about the holiday period and the time away I had with my wife and children.
  • I explain the importance of family time and taking the time to enjoy different activities with your family and learn from your children.
  • I give advice on ‘living like a 5 year old’ and what it means.

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