Simon Lynch The Why for the Treasury Talent podcast | Episode 21

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Simon Lynch sits down and explained the why behind the Treasury Talent Podcast.

He talks about why he decided to start the podcast and what lead him to that point.

Simon is currently working in recruitment and specializing in treasury and wants to be able to share with those in his community about the changes in treasury, the stories of others and giving his listeners a chance to learn a few new tips.

In this episode

  • Simon discussed his background and what lead him to start the podcast
  • Simon talks about his time working in recruitment and that he has gotten requested to hear from other people within the treasury industry.
  • He talks about how he wanted to be able to provide an insight into the careers of others within the industry.
  • Simon tells us how it started out as recording and sending just to his personal networks, however he wanted to expand it and be able to have greater coverage.
  • He talks about how each person he speaks with has their own story and how each story is different from the last.
  • He explains that there is something to be gained from every conversation and things that you can take away from each one.
  • He talks about the diversity and the different people that he has come across during his time recording the podcasts and looks forward to everyone listening to them.


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