Simon Lynch Treasury Titles & Salaries | Episode 28

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On the podcast today I wanted to quickly have a chat with you about something I get asked on a regular basis. Treasury titles and salaries within the treasury market.

I get asked a lot about the different treasury titles out there and what the relevant salaries are for each different title.

I go into detail on the different titles and the standard industry salaries for each title.

In the Episode

  • I talk about how treasury is a very niche specialist area.
  • I go into depth on the different titles that are out there.
  • I explain the differences between the different titles and how sometimes it can be the same job under a different title.
  • I go in-depth into the different titles and positions available within the treasury market and what the standard salaries are for those positions.
  • I advise that it is best to look past the title of the position and more look at what is involved in the position.
  • Look at the structure of the position and what it entails.
  • We talk about the classic titles and how title inflation and deflation can affect the title you are given.


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