Simon Milne – Senior Manager Treasury, Tax and Corporate Actions at ISPT | Episode 62

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Simon Milne who is the treasury advisor at ISPT.

Simon has had a career full of treasury positions and he has gained a wealth of knowledge in the industry.

Simon gives us an insight into his role and his thoughts on treasury moving forward.

On the Episode:

  • I ask Simon about his career and getting into treasury.
  • Simon talks about his role at ISPT.
  • I ask Simon what drew him into treasury.
  • I ask Simon about the business and the position that Simon is in presently.
  • Simon talks about the major challenges that he faces in his role.
  • I ask Simon what the major achievements in his career have been.
  • I ask Simon what are some of the biggest changes that he has seen in the department throughout his career.
  • Simon talks about the major challenges he sees in the future for the treasury department.
  • I ask Simon what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • I ask Simon what advice he would give to the younger generation of treasurers.
  • I ask Simon what he looks for when he is hiring for a team.
  • Simon gives some advice for those looking into the different markets within the industry.

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