Special – CV Advice | Episode 43

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Today I wanted to take the chance to chat with you about creating and updating your CV and advice around making a CV that will be successful in helping you to secure a new position. 

I talk about creating a CV that will stand out and make a different to the application you are putting forward. 

I hope my advice and tips help you to create a CV that will stand out and help you to secure the interview and making it to the next stage of the process. 

On the episode:

  • I talk about the key areas that you need to add to your CV.
  • I explain how you need to make sure that you create your CV in a way where the HR department can understand what you do whilst still making your skills look professional. 
  • I explain in your CV quantify the business. 
  • I talk about how you need to quantify you, your experience and your skills. Make your CV stand out.
  • I explain the importance of listing your projects and letting them know what you have done outside of the ordinary.
  • I talk about how you need to write your CV in a way that focuses on the job that you want and not so much on the jobs that you have had. Focus on the points from your previous jobs that relate to the job you are going for.

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