Special – Mapping your treasury career | Episode 35

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Today is a special podcast that I wanted to do for you and give you an insight into the treasury career scope and how you go about getting into the career and mapping it out.

On the Episode:

  • We talk about the mapping of your career and the time frame to do it in. 
  • I talk about the titles within the industry and how they vary within different companies.
  • I talk about the importance of knowing what your goals are and how it will help you to achieve the positions that you want and whether they fit with your career goals. 
  • I discuss how the company can determine if the role is the right move for you. 
  • I talk about the different factors that come into each role and how they can determine the role for you. 
  • I talk about the importance of the people you will be working with, networking with and how they play a part in setting your career a part. 
  • I talk about how the mapping comes down to YOU.
  • I give advice on how you need to make your own choices that are going to benefit you and your career moving forward. 
  • I speak about the importance of experiencing different things throughout your career and learning the different aspects of the industry. 
  • I talk about timing and the importance of it throughout your career. 
  • I talk about salaries and how not to put too much thought into the salary side of things.

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