Teresa McAdams – GM Funding at Virgin | Episode 27

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Today on the podcast we speak with Teresa McAdams who is currently on the Treasury team at Virgin. 

Teresa talks us through her career and how her career has progressed over the years, starting from a graduate program with Qantas. 

We discuss the way Teresa hires and the important aspects that she looks for when hiring a staff member. 

Teresa and I discuss the current and upcoming concerns there may be for those in the treasury industry.

On this episode

  • Teresa takes us through her career and how it started with a Qantas graduate program.
  • Teresa takes us through what it was like as a working mother and how she was able to do both whilst still realising that sometimes it is out of reach. 
  • We talk about career breaks and what Teresa found whilst she was on them throughout her career. 
  • We discuss the changes in the flexibility around parents being able to work and that companies are becoming a lot more accommodating for parents wanting to stay in the workforce. 
  • I ask Teresa about mentors throughout her career and if they have played a part in the way her career has pathed out. 
  • Teresa discusses the importance of relationships through business and that it does not need to be a formal arrangement to have a person as a mentor.
  • Teresa talks about the importance of a leader taking their staff under their win and sharing their experiences to help them along the way.
  • We talk about Teresa’s key points when hiring a new staff member and the things she looks out for when hiring a staff member.
  • We talk about the hiring process and how it differs from the norm.
  • We talk about the importance of both a team environment and being able to work on your own.
  • I ask Teresa what she would tell those coming up in their careers and what advice she would give them. 
  • Teresa details the importance of developing softer skills and how they will help to develop your career.
  • I ask Teresa what she believes would be classed as a successful Treasurer in the eyes of the CFO.
  • We talk about diversity and the changes that have happened over time. 
  • Teresa gives her insight into diversity and how it can be achieved within a workplace.


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