Tim Murphy – Treasurer at Square | Episode 187

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Tim Murphy, Head of Finance Operations, Real Estate & Treasurer at Square, joins us in this episode to talk about running treasury virtually during this pandemic and how they’re approaching it at Square. Square has gone through a lot of changes during the pandemic and has flourished over that time. And today, we’re going to hear updates on what’s been going on with them. 


In this episode we discuss: 

  • Tim tells us about his role at Square. 
  • Highlights that have happened at Square since the pandemic. 
  • Square starting to work offsite over the last year. 
  • How Treasury has changed over working remotely. 
  • Onboarding of new staff remotely. 
  • His approach to networking over the lockdown period and it will look moving forward. 
  • Their virtual hiring and recruitment process. 
  • Technology and process improvement in Square’s treasury. 
  • Keys for a successful treasurer. 

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