Tips to remember for your next interview

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You are in the door and now its your time to shine and sell yourself

1. Be on time

It goes without saying the cardinal sin when going for an interview is to be late, so allow enough time that if there are transport issues you have enough time to be punctual.

2. Dress to Impress

Dressing smartly and being punctual will give you confidence and the opportunity to relax into the environment as you know you are prepared. Check the corporate dress code so you are tailored for the environment but remember its better to over than under dress.

A good, firm handshake is vital. Maintain good eye contact and be cheerful, smile.

All these factors help create a positive first impression. You only get one chance to make that impression.

3. Get your personality across and sell yourself

You’ve done the ground work. You’ve got an interview and probably beaten many others to get there. Well done, smile get your personality across as people buy real people!

You have earned this interview, so the client is obviously wants to meet you; don’t be afraid to talk about your strengths and showcase who you are!

They want you – be positive about yourself – you have got this far so you know they are interested in you but be sussinct and to the point, try not to waffle.

Give 2 to 3 key strengths that you have that lend itself to this position?

4. Be humble not arrogant

Confidence is an attractive quality, but over confidence or arrogance never is, humility will win every time. Sell yourself for sure but don’t be over confident.

5. Loyalty

Whatever your reason for leaving a current role try to be loyal to your current employer whenever possible. Be honest as to your reasons but not overly critical, try to balance the negatives.
Avoid open criticism of your current employer. Saying horrible or damaging things about your current employer may worry a future employer. They may mark you down as a negative influence.

Have positive reasons for wanting to leave. Explain your reasons for leaving i.e. lack of progression can be one but being 100% negative will only cause clients to question your loyalty, they will wonder whether you will show loyalty to them.

Try and focus on why you want to join the new company rather than just focusing on leaving the old one.

Give 2 to 3 positive reasons why you are looking to leave your current position?

6. Answer the Question

When you are asked a question, answer it clearly and succinctly!

If you don’t know the answer don’t fluff it, explain it’s not an area you have covered.

Try to relate if possible to other areas you can talk about and how they may interrelate to the area they want to talk about.

You can also express that’s one of the reasons you want to join a company to develop that very knowledge.
Remember they don’t want to trick you. They want to understand the scope of your knowledge and where you can contribute and where they need to train you.

They want you to get the job too. If they didn’t you wouldn’t be sitting, there.

7. Know your CV/resume

Rehearse talking through your background at least 3 times before you get to the interview.

It will give you more confidence and it will make a positive impression on the interviewer.

8. Why are you there?

Why do you want this job? It seems an obvious question, but it gets asked an awful lot!!

Explain the reasons why you were initially attracted to the position.

Give 2 to 3 reasons why you were attracted to this position?

Stress where your current skills and qualities match the role now and then explain where you see the role developing and how you will develop with it too!

Remember this is your chance to shine.

Avoid aspects such as more money or shorter hours.
These factors might be attractive to you but someone who simply wants to move for more money and less work is hardly likely to endear you to a new employer!

Emphasize the positive! Career development. Personal growth. New challenges. Different industry.

Yes, you can mention improvements in pay and conditions but think about what your prospective new boss is thinking.

9. What questions do you have?

Even if all your questions have been answered always have a couple up your sleeve. This demonstrates your interest in them and in the position and the company might measure by this so if want the job ask a decent question.

It may also help you decide if this is the right move for you.

Maybe the question relates to the earlier research you did on the company which is a good chance to impress.

It may relate to the future development of the team / company again this shows long term interest!

You can also flip the question saying you feel like the role suits you and do they think the same or are there any concerns / questions they have?

This also gives a chance to leave a positive impression and deal with any lingering doubts they may have / that you didn’t quite deal with earlier!

Have at least 2 to 3 questions that you can ask your potential future employer?
I hope this helps prepare you for your next interview, should you need anything further the please send me a note to

Simon Lynch is the owner of Treasury Talent.
Treasury Talent is a specialist treasury talent, recruitment and search provider solely focused on the treasury market with offices in Sydney covering Australia, Singapore covering Asia, and San Francisco covering California and the USA.

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