Tony Vu – Treasurer at Miami-Dade County Public Schools | Episode 176

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Today I am joined on the podcast again by Tony Vu who is now the treasurer at the University of Colorado. I talked to him some time ago about the need in the market to have undergraduate education within the treasury space. Being at the University of Colorado and a long time in higher ed, we chatted about that need and the ability to create a course. The podcast today is really the start of that process. I want to put it out there and anyone who is interested in helping Tony to pull together an education course for undergraduates to improve the knowledge within the treasury marketplace or get to people come to treasury earlier will be really well received.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Highlights of Tony’s career
  • The difference of treasury in the corporate and higher education side
  • Advice to someone who wants to move from corporate and higher education or vice versa
  • Bridging the gap from the corporate side to the government side
  • The opportunities he can see to get college students more involved in treasury or in the treasury career track


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