Zac Nesper – Treasurer at HP Inc | Episode 73

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Today I am chatting with Zac Nesper who is the treasurer at HP Incorporated.

Zac talks about his career, the changes and difficulties that he has had throughout.

Zac talks us through the split of the HP business into two and how it was managed.

On the episode:

  • I ask Zac what made him decide to have a career in treasury.
  • I ask Zac what has kept him at HP for such a long time.
  • Zac talks about the key features he has enjoyed at HP.
  • I ask Zac about the most satisfying moments in his career.
  • I ask Zac about the delivery of the business split and making it happen in a tight time frame.
  • I ask Zac what he looks for when he is recruiting for his team.
  • Zac talks about the technical skills and soft skills and how they are both important.
  • I ask Zac about mentors and how they have made a difference to his career.
  • Zac talks about informal mentors and how they can be better than formal mentors.
  • I ask Zac about networking and how it has impacted his career.
  • Zac talks about what he looks for when it comes to networking.
  • I ask Zac what advice he would give to the younger generation of treasurers.
  • Zac talks about the importance of continuing to learn right through your career.
  • I ask Zac what he thinks will change in the treasury world with all the tech advancements coming.

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