Anita Bubna – Senior Director of Treasury at Flex Group | Episode 75

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Anita Bubna joins me on the podcast today. It was lovely chatting with Anita and learning about her career, views on the industry and the technology side of treasury and how it is helping change the way things are done.

Anita is the senior director of treasury at Flex Group. Anita was recently awarded the Adam Smith award for innovation. She has been involved in a number of different projects and has been involved in a lot of innovation throughout the industry.

On the episode:

  • Anita started her career in the IT sector and over time decided to move across from IT to finance before transitioning into the treasury industry.
  • The transition from finance to treasury was one that Anita enjoyed and learned a lot from. It helps her to see the link between the two and how much finance is needed and used within treasury.
  • Anita was awarded the Adam Smith award for innovation and has been involved in a number of different projects that have helped with the innovation of the industry and helping it to move forward.
  • During the process of these different projects, Anita has learned a lot of different skills and have helped her to achieve amazing results. Her time in finance has helped her to innovate and change the way things are done within the treasury industry.
  • Anita was able to tailor their treasury management system to benefit the business better and provide them with additional results.
  • There are a number of projects that Anita is working on presently that are innovating the software being used and making it more beneficial for businesses and the needs that they have.
  • After experimenting with RPA, Anita has found that this is not a long term solution however can help businesses in the interim. 
  • Anita has worked with supply chain finance and asset back securitization, she explains the benefits and difficulties with the programs and how she helped push through resistance from others. 
  • Anita is proud of the different projects she has been a part of and treats each of them as an accomplishment of her career.
  • Anita gives her advice for those looking for a career in treasury and how they should not focus on just getting results.
  • Anita has not relied on a particular mentor throughout her career and has used various resources to help her to further her career, however does wish that she had the opportunity earlier in her career. Networking was also not a focus earlier in Anita’s career but as her career has progressed she has been able to network better and she has found them very helpful.
  • When hiring Anita looks for someone who has curiosity and empathy.
  • When looking at a treasurer from the eyes of a CFO, Anita believes they are looking for someone who can communicate well.
  • Anita is aware of the innovation and technology growth within the industry and can see it helping to move the industry forward in a positive way.

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