Ask a Treasurer Live with Matthew Fortunak – Treasurer at Owens Corning | Episode 169

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Today we are joined by Matthew Fortunak, the Vice President, Treasurer at Owens Corning. The reason why we want to get him today as he had a really broad background working a long time with Delphi. He worked in treasury but also did a broad financial working strategy.


In this episode we discuss:

  • How he came to the treasury and what made him choose treasury as a career
  • His career highlights
  • His preparations for his position now
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Growing with the company and its culture
  • Mentorship in Matthew’s perspective
  • Key things he looks for when hiring people
  • Skills that are important for Matthew
  • When looking to grow in a career, should someone be seeking opportunities in their current role or look externally?
  • Determining the company’s culture
  • Advice for someone who’s from a more sophisticated treasury org into one that’s further behind
  • Advice for someone in the middle of a job search

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