Attila Halmy – Treasurer at GE Lighting | Episode 173

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Today I am joined by Attila Halmy, the Treasurer at GE Lighting. I got Attila on the podcast because he’s an accidental treasurer and has really made his name and his career helping the GE business to sell off and list separate businesses out of the old GE. He has an interesting background and insights.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Attila as the accidental treasurer
  • The highlights of his career
  • Coming from outside of treasury and learning to function
  • The best advice he can give to his younger self
  • What he looks for when hiring
  • Putting weight behind the CTP or CFA when looking to hire
  • Attitude is the most important attribute (when hiring)
  • Knowing what he knows today what would have he done differently

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