Crisis Special: Amol Dhargalkar – Managing Director at Chatham Financial | Episode 85

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Today I’ve got a special episode for you. Covid has turned the world upside down, the mass unemployment – the world has changed dramatically overnight.

I’m joined today by Amol Dhargalkar from Chatham Financial. Amol’s going to give us some good insights to what his clients are seeing specifically around risk management, derivative, hedge accounting – there’s a lot going on there. Market volatility is back and all of a sudden things changed dramatically.

In this episode:

  • What does Amol hear from his clients about liquidity and cash
  • Can everyone get hold of their cash if the banks work remotely
  • The pre-issuance hedging side
  • The loss aversion’s significant impact on people’s decision making
  • The trend happening on hedge accounting point of view
  • Market volatility for the clients
  • Record investment bond issuance
  • Focus on liquidity
  • Opportunities from a treasury perspective

Amol’s LinkedIn Profile

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