Dick Sherrod – Advisor at Financial Technologies 360 | Episode 105

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Today I am joined by Dick Sherrod. Dick is the author of a book called My name is Dick. The reason I wanted him to be on the show was because he has a very distinguished career both in the corporate side and banking. He’s a big believer in the working capital side of things. 

In this episode:

  • What made Dick choose Treasury as a career
  • His career highlights
  • Making the leap to the banking side
  • Difference of corporate and banking and advice to others in making the move
  • Coping with the transition
  • How treasury vary in different companies
  • Dick’s approach to networking
  • Why having mentors is pivotal to Dick’s career
  • What Dick wishes he’d known back when starting his career
  • The “lunch test”
  • What Dick thinks makes a successful treasury
  • How the role of treasury is changing in the coming years
  • Becoming an author

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