Drew Wolff – Former Treasurer of Starbucks | Episode 117

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Today I’m joined by Drew Wolfe. Drew is the ex-treasurer of Starbucks. The reason why I got Drew on today was he’s an ex-nuclear submarine engineer who made his way into banking and then into the corporate treasury. I wanted to talk to him about the differences and how it all worked. He has an interesting career and a super interesting guy. He made the transition from treasurer into the CFO role.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Drew came to treasury
  • Comparing his experiences in banking, corporate and different businesses
  • Making the move from banking to the corporate treasury
  • Drew’s experience as treasurer in Starbucks
  • The highlight of his career so far
  • The difference of working domestically in the US and internally in UK
  • Lessons Drew learned about global citizenship 
  • His process and approach to networking
  • One thing Drew wishes he knew back when he was starting his career
  • Key things he is looking for when hiring
  • Moving from Treasury to CFO role, does it change the way Drew hire treasury vs. corporate finance
  • Advice to business who decide they don’t want to stop in the treasury role and want to go to the CFO role
  • What makes a successful treasury in the eyes of the board
  • How the role of treasury is changing in the coming years

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