Garima Thakur – TaylorMade Golf | Episode 17

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In this episode, I get a chance to sit down with the very talented Garima Thakur. Garima has built a treasury department up from scratch for TaylorMade Golf and has been running the department for a year now.

Garima is originally from India and came to the US in order to complete her MBA and begin her career in the corporate world after working in engineering and technology.

Garima talks about her achievements over the period of her career, the highlights and the setbacks that she has had along the way.

We talk about the importance of mentors throughout your career and the impact that they can have on you. The things you can do to create mentorships and why it is important to make sure nurture these throughout your career.

In this episode

  • Garima talks about her career to this point, the education she had received and the experience that she received as an intern at Western Union
  • We explore the highlights of Garima’s career.
  • We find out what it is the Garima finds so fascinating about treasury and her favourite aspects of it.
  • Garima helps us to understand that there is more to treasury than just cash management. Focusing on the more strategic areas of the department.
  • Garima talks us through the process that she went through in order to set up the Treasury department at TaylorMade Golf and how her efforts were recognised with a nomination for an Adam Smith Award
  • Garima talks about the setbacks that she has had throughout her career and the learning she has received from them.
  • We discuss the things that Garima would change if she had her time over again and what she would do differently.
  • We go into the topic of mentors and the importance of them throughout your career.
  • Garima explains how a good mentor can shape your career and how to find someone to be that mentor
  • We discuss networking and Garima talks about the reasons she networks and the ways in which she networks.
  • We finish with Garima’s words of advice for those coming up through the treasury industry and those starting to build their careers.


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