Garrick Rollason – CFO Perspective | Episode 45

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Today on the podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Garrick Rollason.

Garrick is the CFO of Victorian Power Networks. He comes from a banking background and has a lot of information and insights.

Garrick works very closely with his Treasury team and he talks to us about how a close team working together has been a benefit for the business.

On the Episode:

  • I ask Garrick what is looks for when he is hiring for a position within his team.
  • He talks about the key skills he is looking for in an employee and how it is important to find someone who also has the softer skills and not just technical.
  • I ask Garrick about the debt within the utilities business and how they manage it and their treasurers play a part.
  • He talks about the different areas that they invest and where their debts may sit.
  • Garrick talks about the importance of Treasury within their organisation.
  • We talk about the interaction Garrick has with his Treasury team and how they work closely together.
  • I ask Garrick what he thinks makes a successful Treasurer in the eyes of a CFO.
  • We talk about technology within the Treasury department and whether it will make a significant change to the way the department works.

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