Jim Kaitz – President & CEO at Association for Financial Professionals | Episode 41

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Today I had the chance to speak with Jim Kaitz on the podcast. 

Jim is the president of the AFP in the United States and Asia. Jim has been the head of the AFP for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge of the industry. 

On the episode:

  • I ask Jim about his role within the AFP and the business itself. 
  • We talk about the education front in the industry and different education options that are coming up to teach others. 
  • We talk about payments and how they are a large part of the industry at the moment. 
  • We talk about the FPNA certification. 
  • We talk about people moving from treasury into FPNA.
  • I ask Jim how he sees technology changing the treasury and finance industries. 
  • I ask Jim what he thinks makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of a CFO.
  • Jim talks about the upcoming event they are hosting and the benefits of attending. 
  • We talk about networking and the importance of it throughout your career.
  • We talk about the different skills needed and what people look for when hiring new employees for their department. 
  • I ask Jim what advice he would give to the younger generation coming up through the industry trying to expand their careers. 
  • I ask Jim what his biggest achievements and moments have been within his time as president at the AFP. 

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