Kjel Christensen – Managing Director for North America and APAC at Taulia | Episode 113

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Today we are joined by Kjel Christensen. Kjel is the Managing Director for North America and APAC at Taulia. Taulia is an early payment business in the supply chain financing side. I’m a big fan of innovative payment platforms so I want to get Kjel on the podcast so we can hear more about it.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Kjel ended up in the industry
  • How the business differs from other offerings out there
  • How Taulia’s technology helps buyers and suppliers get the money quicker
  • Kjel’s strategy for networking in his career
  • Mentors’ part in Kjel’s career
  • The best piece of advice Kjel wishes he knew when he was starting his career
  • Key things Kjel is looking for when hiring direct reports
  • What makes a successful treasury in the eyes of the executives
  • How Kjel sees the role of treasury changing

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