Marc Vandiepenbeeck – Treasurer at Johnson Controls | Episode 125

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Today I have Marc Vandiepenbeeck on the podcast. Marc is the treasurer at Johnson Controls. I want to get him on today because you’ll find his energy and enthusiasm second to not many. Also, he’s a global citizen and had the pleasure of working in Europe, Asia and now in the US. He has a good global perspective from someone who’s a global citizen.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What brought Marc into treasury
  • The highlight of Marc’s career
  • The differences in working in Europe and Asia
  • The difference of moving from regional roles within Europe and Asia and going to head office in the US
  • One thing that surprises him in making the moves as a global citizen
  • His approach to networking as a global citizen
  • Marc’s mentors
  • What makes a successful treasurer in the eyes of the executives
  • How is the role of treasury changing in the coming years

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