Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #5 | Episode 40

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Today we are chatting with Michael Braude for another monthly market update. 

Michael comes with valuable information and advice on the market and the changes that are happening within it. 

On the episode:

  • We talk about the standoff between the US and China when it comes to Tariffs. 
  • We talk about the impact that the tariffs have had on the bond yields both domestically and internationally. 
  • Michael explains European bonds are continuing to decrease and are vulnerable at present. 
  • Michael talks about the FX rates and how these are changing at present and how the market has responded to this. 
  • Michael talks about the Australia Dollar and how it has been affected in recent times. 
  • We talk about the government surplus and trade surplus that has happened.
  • Michael talks about the things that Treasurers need to be keeping their eye out for in the future.
  • We talk about the falling rates and what it means for borrowers and how they should be playing the game.
  • Michael suggests continuing to consider the risks and keep up to date with the risk assessments.

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