Michael Braude – Economic Update Monthly #6 | Episode 49

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Welcome to the Treasury Talent Podcast. Today I am chatting with Michael Braude for another economic update.

Michael gives us the latest update and his thoughts of the changes and challenges we may see arise.

On the episode:

  • I ask Michael what the big risks are that he is seeing in the market.
  • Michael talks about the US and China trades and how they are working at the moment with each other.
  • We talk about the decrease in world growth and the updated growth reports.
  • Michael talks about the declining interest rates globally.
  • I ask Michael about commodities and whether there has been any significant changes.
  • I ask Michael if there are any other things treasurers should look out for in the near future.
  • We talk about unemployment and under-employment.
  • Michael talks about monetary policy and how it is concerning people.
  • We talk about the FX and how Australia is sitting. 
  • Michael advises about purchasing option protection moving forward.
  • We talk about bond yields and Michael advises around the basis points.

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